Yellow Bee Designs Company is high quality sticker, decal manufactured!

Our stickers is high quality 7 years polymeric outdoor. Using our decals you can give to the body of your car a unique look. We have a plenty of amazing and unique stickers: side stripes, sport, stripes, mud splash decal, mountains designs, hockey designs, lower stripes, and much more...

With all these decals you can do different combinations and customize the way you like your car body. We do have more than 50 colors to choose from.

We currently serve every part of the world, our goods are transported around the world. Only their desired destination must be chosen from the website where they want delivery to be made. The orders are dispatched to the customer’s next working day and tracking number provided in all orders to ensure delivery of the product.

Support Team

Yellow Bee Designs team works on a flexible schedule and one of our support representatives is available 24/7 to answer all the requests. But even if we're not available or we’re busy serving other customers, please send us a mail to   email yellowbeedesigns@hotmail.com we're always trying to respond as quickly as possible to emails and live chat requests.

Feel free to contact us at any time for any questions, comments, or recommendations that may have.